Empower your system with Information extraction

Extract pure insights from text corpuses using NLP technologies in...


Invest Tech

Life Sciences

...with 90+% precision

Plug & Play AI Apps:

Analyze Life Sciences and Healthcare news articles, extract critical entities, and classify content into one of


Extract and analyze data from web links, converting unstructured information into a comprehensive and structured knowledge base.


Accelerate your text processing and discover hidden insights with Text2Knowledge, the ultimate open information extraction API that redefines linguistic parsing.


High-Precision Information Extraction

90+% precision in fact extraction from text, delivering a level of accuracy that rivals expert human analysis.

Adaptable to new challenges and domains

Zero-Shot learning approach eliminates the need for extensive training, and enables quick adaptation to new data domains and use cases.

Absolute transparency and interpretability

Say goodbye to the "black box" AI. Our APIs provide output probability scoring and highlight answers in sources to make results fully transparent and interpretable.


How can I get started with using your API?

Most of our APIs are readily accessible on two major platforms: RapidAPI and HuggingFace. You can easily search for our APIs on these marketplaces, sign up, and follow the provided instructions to start using them in your applications.

However, for accessing certain APIs such as zero-shot named entity recognition (NER), relation extraction, and logical reasoning search engine, the process is slightly different. Currently, these specific APIs are not available on the mentioned platforms, and you must contact us directly to gain access.

We're currently building our own API platform as a hub for all our APIs. Stay tuned for updates, and look forward to a smoother user experience soon!

How can I receive support and resolve issues with your API?

We offer two primary methods for you to receive support. You can join our Discord server and post your concerns or issues in the #support channel. Our team or community members will assist you promptly. Alternatively, you can also reach out to us directly via email.

We're here to help ensure your experience with our API is as smooth as possible.

Does your API handle multi-language support?

At present, our NLP/NLU models primarily support English.

However, we're open to expanding language support based on user demand. If you require support for additional languages, please leave a request on our Discord server's #feature-requests channel or contact us directly via email.

Do you offer any free trials or tiered pricing plans for users to test and evaluate your API services?

Yes, we do offer a free trial of our API services via marketplaces such as HuggingFace and RapidAPI.

We also have flexible pricing plans to accommodate a range of user needs and project sizes. Furthermore, discounts are available for scientific institutions, research centers, and non-profit organizations.

Contact us for more details.

Can I fine-tune AI models/apps for specific tasks or domains?

Yes, you certainly can fine-tune our AI models/apps for specific tasks or domains.

Currently, this is done through an end-to-end process, which requires you to contact us directly or notify us on our Discord server.

We're also developing an AI platform that will simplify this process and allow you to fine-tune models/apps on your own in the near future.